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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To YOU, Bitch !

What a bitch !
Lousy bitch you are !
Damn ! Bullshit !
Fucking bitch !
You Bitch !
I curse you, everyday !
You think you are too good,
but the real, YOU'RE NOT !!
You are too stupid,
but act like a smart one ! Pfffttt ~
Damn hypocrite !
Hell you come, and the hell you will go back !
I wish you were not here for a long time ! 
I really wish that everyday ! EVERYDAY !!
You make my life a mess
with your complain, your snobbish talking !
I wish you know how much I hate you !
I really do !
Go to hell, DEVIL !
Very good in ordering people for your own good ! 
What a fucking friend !
Uhhh, really wanna kick your ass right now !
You think you are so cool,
but the truth is you're NOT !!
You think you are always right,
but you don't !!
Don't act like you smart enough !
Like you know all thing that happen !
It is so pathetic, bitch !
Im so sick just looking at you !
Got no desire to do anything, even talking to you !
Want to throw up everytime you speak ! Yuckkk ~
Full of hatred of you !
Urghhh, I wish I could tell this infront of you !
SCREAMINGGGG angrily at your FUCKING face !!
Go to hell lah, BITCH !
And this is sincerely for you !
Deep from my truly heart !!!!

                                                                                              For one of the bitch .

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